UFC Fight Night in Liverpool; Will the American Revolution Repeat Itself?

May 3, 2018

On May 27th UFC Liverpool is sure to showcase some fireworks. With so many American VS English bouts on its card and Memorial Day right on it's heels how could I not think about the famous War that pitted American ideals against British tyranny. The historic revolution that allowed us to triumphantly declare our Independence as a country and set forth ultimately the events that would lead to our very existence. So I did a "On This Day" and my results were pretty interesting. 


On May 27th 1775 Col. John Stark led the First New Hampshire Regiment which was (*logged by the Committee of Safety) about 300 men. They would be stationed near Winter Hill and have there headquarters in Medford. Taking his instructions from General Ward, Stark and his regiment crossed the bridge over the Mystic River just after midnight on May 27th. Their route took them far to the north of Chelsea Creek through Malden and parts of what are now the cities of Everett and Revere.

Additional local men most likely joined them during their march. This crossing was effected without the notice of occupying British soldiers.Stark began to move his force.They killed any animals they could find and set fire to haystacks and barns.


The British first took notice when they spotted the smoke from the burning hay.  The schooner, HMS Diana, under the command of Lieutenant Thomas Graves sailed up to Chelsea Creek to support British soldiers and cut off the colonists' escape. Eventually, a combined force of roughly 400 British soldiers landed, formed ranks and began to systematically drive Stark's men back to the east. The colonists fled without fighting until they reached Crooked Creek. There they dropped into marshy ditches and fired on their pursuers from strong defensive positions. A pitched battle followed, in which the colonists "Squatted down in a ditch on the marsh" and engaged in "a hot fire until the English retreated." The colonists withdrew from their positions to the interior of Noddle's Island, and Stark's men left Crooked Creek to join the main body of his forces at Chelsea Creek. The HMS (Her Majesty's Ship) Diana and the other vessels continued northeast up Chelsea Creek in pursuit.


Diana wouldn't make it out of the battle. Colonial forces boarded Diana and rapidly removed everything of value, including guns, rigging, sails, clothing, and money. They laid hay under the stern to serve as kindling, and the vessel was set on fire at about 3 am to prevent it from falling back into British hands. The guns recovered were probably used in the American positions during the Battle of Bunker Hill.


The American colonists met their goal of strengthening the siege of Boston by removing livestock and hay on those islands from the reach of the British regulars. The British armed schooner HMS Diana was also destroyed and its weaponry was appropriated by the Colonial side. This was the first naval capture of the war, and it was a significant boost to the morale of the Colonial forces. 


Let's see if Steven "Wonderboy" ThompsonNeil Magny, Jason "The Kid" Knight and local New Englander and my personal favorite, Manny "The Bermudez Triangle" Bermudez bring the fight across to the UK this time.     


England has been producing killers for a while now and the popularity of combat sports in general in Europe has been growing exponentially. I just hope our boys bring the good ol' "American Fighter" mentality across the pond and impose it with every impact of every strike. Lay down that Five Points  Butcher "Whoopsie Daisy" Gangs of New York shit on every submission. History is on our side boys, let's repeat it.










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