Train Smarter; Fight Harder at Tri-Force MMA

September 23, 2017

There's academics that come with martial arts and Tri-Force MMA in Pawtucket, RI has honed in on a fighting-curriculum for its fighters and members. The classes they offer are just that: CLASSES where you won't find head coach Pete Jeffrey just barking out combos and techniques without regard to his audience. Along with his co-owner and brother Keith Jeffrey who runs the Training For Warriors classes, what you will find is attentive coaching cues that applies his techniques to each individual student.


The training provided isn't just for combat sports, Tri-Force institutes a combative mindset along with technical support to carry students through the rigorous training. By technical support I mean Pete's attention to the details of each one of his students; incorporating simple fixes with understandable language that caters to the fresh novice, intermediate warrior and seasoned fighter. Often times he will mobilize his cues as he transitions from one student to the next, switching and transitioning from different fixes for different members. He navigates his coaching like a veteran UFC fighter that can navigate through different fighting styles instantly.

Given the 15,000 sq. foot institution that comfortably holds active classes reaching 25-30 students regularly, one can only imagine how tough that can be but Pete controls them both calmly and strategically. He was an active MMA fighter from 2005-2012 during which time the sport made a brutal evolution but his 12+ years of experience as a general martial artist has made him a Professor. He holds a Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Tim Burrill (TBBJJ)/Carlos Machado (RCJ Machado Jiu-Jitsu).


Tri-Force boxing coach "Diamond" Dave Keefe is known for his philosophy of allowing his students to find ways to finish their opponents while being "technically sound" and the only way to completely understand what that means one would have to be allowed the privilege of being coached by him but it's a sentiment that gives a lot of depth to the grit that lingers inside the facility much like the academic spirits that linger at some IV league colleges.


There is a certain combative tutelage that comes with the training; fighting psychology. "How did knowing that your partner was going to shoot in affect your striking?" Coach Jeffrey regularly asks questions like this and encourages as much feedback as possible.

"You are your best coach..." he'll regularly re-assure his students. Be mindful and present in the face of battle, it's the only way to get better is the unspoken rule that somehow echoes like a beating drum throughout the camp. Which brings up another cool fact that comes with training here: Pete Jeffrey has a BA in music that he utilizes to to help students find their rhythm which is probably one of the hardest if not the most important thing for any fighter or student to find. It's definitely one of the key factors that has allowed many of his fighters to be so successful.



The amount of variety that comes with training at Tri-Force and the volume of sparring and drilling allows students to apply what works for them and throw away what doesn't which is insurmountable when it comes to combat sports.



 With veteran top level fighters now regularly making the rounds and offering their experience and what comes with fighting at that level has brought priceless acumen to the community of students vying to prove their worth for local New England promotions with hopes that they will get their shot. 











There's so much confidence that comes with that and confidence is what allows good fighters to be great fighters. Though both the Jeffrey brothers are quick to not let the guys and gals get ahead of themselves with reminders to be humble in the approach and ferocious in the thick of the worst kind of adversity not just in combat sports but life in general.


Go on their website,find their mma schedule and look up the Wednesday night classes that offer invite-only sparring for up and coming fighters and future prospects. Below you can find pictures that tell the story of what happens on those nights. It's like a mid-week mid-terms and it's where many fighters come into their own. Sometimes very little words are needed...




























...grappling follows a few rounds of geared up sparring, kicked off with some wall drills and then some grueling open mat rolling from different positions...





















...the open mat drills go on for an agonizing twelve minutes and punctuate the class...




...just another night of learning how to be better. There's many assignments, many tests, homework is carrying what's learned on the mats and applying it to life and the degree is earned through dedication. The Jeffrey brothers wouldn't expect nothing less.

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