The Hunger is Real "Click on the Pic"

August 31, 2017





The First Baptist Church on South Main St in Attleboro, MA serves between 45 and 60 patrons on Thursday nights. This is one of the Town's better known soup kitchens and they need help. We met Patty Lovenbury and Kathy Jaaskelainen who are the regular volunteers that cook and serve this close-knit community of gracious eaters. "Hunger doesn't take a vacation," said Pam Tarallo to the Sun Chronicle earlier this summer. Tarallo is the director for the Kids Summer Lunch Cafe, a program that offers lunches to kids during the time they are out of school and depend on that meal that the schools usually provide.



This is a real problem. Kelly and I visited the First Baptist Church today to offer some help prepping and storing food along with some light cleaning. We found Kathy by herself doing all this work. "We can always use extra help," she smiled after we introduced ourselves and offered a hand. Kathy is pretty much the "every grandmother" that we think about when we think about...well...grandmothers: sweet, kind, and welcoming.


Patty would follow in later as we cleaned up and just us being there for a couple of hours took a major work load off of them. It's an easy thing for us to come in one day out of the year for a couple of hours but thinking how dedicated and inspirational it is that these women devote their lives to this charity is amazing.


 With all the attention on Houston; the devastation left behind by Hurricane Harvey and everyone seeing the outpouring of support one can't help but feel like they have to help too. But not everyone has the time, money or resources to travel to Texas, right? But there's always people looking for help. Sometimes just a few blocks away and if it's a good cause that serves the greater community than you did your part.


Click on any one of the above pics and find a soup kitchen near you.






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