I'm Destroying the World In a Whimper of Mass Destruction

August 8, 2017

 Meteors scare the shit out of me and I still think they are cool in all their threatening mystery. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to be a meteor...soaring through the universe without want or reason. Just a tumbling lump of rock or iron or whatever TF I would be. On a collision course with the first dumb MF'er to get in my way. Traveling through space without any kind of control over what kind of direction I could take or where I could make my spectacular impact.


But what if I and all my emotions and morality and my past experiences could also be a part of said meteor.Would that change its trajectory? 

 Just bare with me for a second. When we die, we become gas that eventually floats up out of the atmosphere and gathers in the galaxy and collects space-dust. That dust then gets magnetized and fuses together until it's the size of South Carolina and moves faster and faster and eventually too fast to collect anymore dust and is now just a shooting bullet of "holy shit" that can destroy any objrct in its way including planets (btw I have no scientific evidence of this its just for the sake of fun theory bullshit or is it...)



So that's how I ended up as a meteor. Now let's say by some other astronomical crazy event I find a black hole that propels me at warp speed through different universes and multi-verses into a different time but the same space, just a few hundred thousand miles from Earth.



 Then it becomes apparent that the third rock from the sun in all its white-blue rotund beauty is gonna try and be a road-block. WTF. Then as I get closer certain feeling start erupting. At this point I've literally traveled the universe in it's vast mystery and got a true taste of how massive it is in all its infinite mystery. So how the fuck did I end up back here? I could've wound up anywhere...in the universe...but I end up back where I started.



I start wondering how long it's been but as the miles dwindle down the place looks the same. I think of what or if I'm still connected to people down there. Do I still have "family"  down there and now am I gonna be apart of their demise? Shit then I realize how many other families are down there. Has the population grown on Earth or dwindled? Maybe there's no one left down there maybe some other disaster beat me to it. I start to pick up speed and feel like i'm losing myself as all these pieces of memory come back; of sports and cook-outs and car rides and food and smells of food and rolling hills and the ocean, the feeling of a hot shower on a cold day and sex and smells of sex...


 The feelings pass along with more parts of me. The only thought now is where to make the impact. I can't slow down but I can roll certain ways that can allow me to make impact on land or on water and I can't decide which would be lesser of the two evils. Doesn't matter now, I'm making my impact. I know my purpose and I'm embracing it. If there are people still down there then it's their time. Something brought me here and in due time, all the havoc I'm about to wreak will bring some good somehow. That's none of my concern as I enter the atmosphere with a load roar that sets an explosion in itself. I'mmmmm baaaaaaack!



The heat that comes with the speed brings the temperature so high that I start to melt the sky. It turns pink then a deep shade of red. The hotter I get the less rotation there is and I go faster and faster and faster then I start to feel pieces ripping away from me. I blow over mountain ranges and leave traces of smoke and set fire to some trees then there's water on the horizon. when I hit there's probably going to be a massive tsunami the sets in play massive earth quakes and floods. Suddenly I start breaking apart. I literally go from the size of S. Carolina to the size of a city block in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Shit, I fall apart; burning piece by burning piece that singes into the water and skips and smokes and skips and smokes until the last puny charcoal ember falls with a whimper and ripples and ripples and ripples.






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