Defensive Edge: More Than Martial Arts

August 2, 2017



Defensive Edge Martial Arts is so much more than a martial arts training center. Nestled in the heart of Wakefield just minutes from Wakefield center, owner and head coach Rick Alford leaves no stone unturned when it comes community involvement. The spacious facility complete with a bay door that opens to the outside during spring and summer. Their motto is "the evolution of martial arts" which is why it's not just where local MMA fighters come to train but also local first responders too (Rick was an EMT medic before opening up the business).


His "Little Dragons" classes for kids are as fun as they are athletic with key focus points on respect and discipline. The "Brave the Bully" presentation held by Rick teaches kids how to identify the serious affects bullying has and how to diffuse certain situations. Some of his instructors also have experience working with challenged children. They also put together a "Splash Day" at the nearby lake and "Nerf Wars" inside their facility which anyone can go on their Facebook page and see all the fun.



They also offer yoga, Muay Thai, Grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu taught by a world class grappler in Anderson Silverio who trains UFC fighters. But the thing that sets DE apart from the rest is that this facility can make someone with no athletic background feel comfortable. They offer "FightFit" classes for anyone looking to get in shape and this system will do just that. Anyone that utilizes FightFit notices positive results immediately. And there's also affordable personal training for anyone who might not feel ready for the intensity of the classes yet.


"Real World Defense" is another one of their mottos as Rick incorporates iCAT (integrated Combative Arts Training) into the schedule. iCAT is practical defense for when life may put you in a serious situation and for the average person this is the best self defense system to know. There's also a firearms safety class that's offered to anyone looking to get a gun permit.


The most important thing to know for anyone that walks in and hesitates on making a commitment is the fact that they will be making a commitment to themselves; an investment in themselves rather. It's about getting better at life, you will build strength but you will build it mentally and physically. Confidence comes with training and this is the kind of training that whole families can enjoy and benefit from and more importantly, they'll have fun doing it! A lot of places are missing that element: be healthy, be fit, but be happy!






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